“Dozy & NWK,” is a collaborative project between Vancouver based producer, Dozy (Dustin Zwaryck) and Saskatoon based Gitxsan musicianand emcee, The Northwest Kid (Craig Edes).

The long time friends met in Vancouver, BC in 2009 during

post-secondary and started making music. Their first project titled,

“Mixedblood Mix-tape,” was released under Mob Bounce.

Dozy fka. Gameboy and NWK also did a series of soft launched

singles with Mob Bounce titled, “No Money, No Problems”, “Peace Era”,

“Intowishin’”, and “We Are The Machine”.

After years of space and growth, they’ve decided to rekindle the

creative process by blending everything from digital exploration to

intimate soulful ballads with their new EP, “Dozy & NWK.”