Welcome to the new music website of NWK!


Hello beautiful people! I’m super excited to drop this new website to keep all of you up to date with new music projects, live dates, and workshop opportunities that I’m working on in 2019!

Its been an incredible few years with my brother Heebz the Earthchild and the Mob Bounce movement and I’m grateful to all of my supporters, family and friends that have put so much into the success of the project!

This is a NEW space for my solo work and for my work with other producers, musicians, songwriters, and artists! This coming year is going to be an exciting year of growth and music!

A big thanks to the Makoons Media Group for helping to launch this project on the internet!

I’m sending you all love from Saskatoon as my beautiful partner and I prepare ourselves for the arrival of a beautiful young one into our lives! I can’t wait to meet our baby.

Blessings and light to all of you in 2019.

With Love.