Dozy & NWK drop a free single, following the release of their debut EP.

We’re super excited to keep on sharing music with you in the new year, even during these turbulent times; as it seems more important than ever. We know our EP just dropped on January 4th, but we wanted to give the people a free one. We pieced it together over the week, and we’re happy with how it turned out. The song is called, Water/Sun.

We’re going to take the next little while to reflect, and start the process of creating a longer project. Our relationship with the government is/has always been in a rough state. With the Liberal government pushing for this pipeline, our hearts go out to Molly and all the front-line workers. Let’s not forget the Delgamuukw vs. British Columbia case, and the rights and title that they have already established for the Wet'suwet'en.

With love.
Dozy & NWK

#wetsuwetenstrong #unistoten #gidumten #nopipelines #thetimeisnow

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